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contains ANY of these words: unhermeneuticable

Bob Meads:  Mr Donaldson,

I have always been facinated by the obscure words you use in TC, and am currently reading "The One Tree". I have come across a word that the definition that Merriam-Webster gives is not satisfactory. That word is "unhermeneuticable". The word is uttered by PitchWife, about Findail the Appointed (page 366 , paperback).

The word itself doesn't come up on Merriam Webster's site. The closest is 'hermeneutics' which means: the study of the methodological principles of interpretation (as of the Bible).

this doesnt seem to fit the context, as Pitchwife relates:

"He perceives some unhermeneuticable peril --"

Can you tell me what it meant in this context?

Have you ever made up new words? <grin>



OK, I made up "unhermeneuticable". <sigh> And I'll admit that it does sound unlikely, coming from Pitchwife. I just couldn't resist the temptation: words like that are too much fun.

But its implied meaning extrapolates rather nicely, I think, from "hermeneutics". Pitchwife refers to a "peril" which defies "the methodological principles of [spiritual or religious] interpretation." That fits the themes of the story, if not the characteristic rhetoric of the Giants. And I do occasionally have a good reason for underscoring those themes.