GRADUAL INTERVIEW (September 2008)
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Peter Hunt:  Mr. Donaldson,

I wanted to let you know that are now advertising the Gollancz reprints of the Gap series. They are due out next month, and they have pictures of the new covers.

Search for "stephen donaldson gap sequence" (without the quotes) on their site and you'll see all four volumes.

Yes, four; Gollancz have combined The Real Story and Forbidden Knowledge into a single volume.

Congratulations on your honorary degree, by the way.

Best Regards,
Just a quick follow-up to the news that Orion/Gollancz is reissuing the GAP books.

Incidentally, combining "The Real Story" and "Forbidden Knowledge" in one volume was *my* idea. It wasn't imposed on me by anyone. When "The Real Story" stands alone, it does a poor job of introducing readers to the *scale* of my intentions.