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THE WAR WITHIN in paperback: bad news for US readers
Berkley, the publisher of THE WAR WITHIN (Book Two of "The Great God's War," has decided not to release the book in paperback. The sales of TWW in hardcover, and of SEVENTH DECIMATE in paperback, were ruinous; and Berkley is unwilling to spend even more money in a doomed cause. TWW will continue to be available in hardcover, at least for a while. It will be available as an ebook almost indefinitely. And it will be available as an audio book from Audible for the foreseeable future.

For me, this is what my son calls "a real boot to the head." But it won't stop me from working on Book Three, THE LAST REPOSITORY.

Audio Books Update: "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant"
I'm happy to report that, after much to-ing and fro-ing, Ballantine Books (now a small subsidiary of PenguinRandomHouse) has agreed to renew Scott Brick's license for audio book versions of Covenant 1-3. In exchange, he has agreed to make his readings available from all the major outlets (such as Amazon and Audible) and several others. Previously, his readings were only available from his web store:

When this change goes into effect, I *assume* that Covenant 4-6 in audio will also become widely available; but I don't know it for a fact. That license won't be due for renewal for a few more years.

Sadly, none of this affects Covenant 8 (Fatal Revenant). That license was negotiated with Penguin (a more "respected" subsidiary of PenguinRandomHouse), and so far Penguin seems, well, recalcitrant. I can't explain it. But that book remains available in audio from

Podcast Interview
I was saving this to include in a newsletter. But now that my newsletter is defunct....

Way back at the end of May, I did a podcast interview for something called "author stories." When I agreed to do it, I thought it probably had something to do with THE WAR WITHIN. But it turned out to be more about the story of my gestation and development as a writer than about any particular story. (This is just an observation, not a complaint. I'm not entirely comfortable talking about work that's still in progress, which "The Great God's War" is.) Here's the link:

The End of the Newsletter
I suppose it was inevitable. The company I've been using to create and send my newsletters,, has finally "improved" its interface to the point of unusability. And in what I call my "reclining years," I can't endure the stress of a learning curve this complex and unfriendly. So October 2018 was the last email newsletter.
My webmaster is in the process of adjusting this website to accommodate newsletter-length "news," and to help interested readers find that information. When the changes are complete, I'll continue writing newsletters, but they will only be available here.
I'll miss the pictures.

A Message for People Who Have Not Been Receiving the Newsletter
A number of people have asked to be included in our newsletter mailings even though their email addresses are already on our list. We're not sure what to do when the newsletter goes out but doesn't arrive. We have to ask: did you check your spam folder? Unfortunately, that's not the only possible explanation. On some occasions, our software reports a "hard bounce." That means the receiver's ISP rejected the email outright. This is not a problem the sender can solve. Sorry about that!

General Information
It will come as a surprise to no one who visits this site that I no longer post much news here. If you're interested in more current information, sign up for my newsletter by contacting: She'll make sure your email address is added to my mailing list.

The War Within
The War Within, Book Two of THE GREAT GOD'S WAR, has finally achieved D&A (delivery and acceptance). Publication is scheduled for April 2019. I'm still preparing myself for Book Three, The Last Repository.


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